Teenage Engineering

TX-6 Field Mixer

The TX-6 Field Mixer is an awesome, tiny-sized, high-quality mixer from Teenage Engineering which works particularly well with an array of travel-sized devices when I'm on the road and want signals from multiple sources. It also has additional features like Effects, separate monitor bus, USB connectivity to act as a full 12-mono channel audio interface to my computer and DAW, and many other things. I love the TX-6 for that set of core capabilities - and take it traveling with me everywhere and use it on my desktop with many device setups.

TX-6 Firmware Update 1.2.12

I recently created a video to describe the Sample and Loop features added to the new firmware (April 11, 2024) version 1.2.12 - and in that process developed the opinion that these features - like a couple of others on this device - are not likely to be used regularly by many people at all. They are cool, and interesting to have, but not very deep or useful in most performance or recording situations.

Kudos to the Teenage Engineering team for providing firmware updates and giving owners of this expensive and functional device continual value - THAT is important - and regardless of how I feel about individual features, the signal they're giving about updating their products is always positive... that said - it's always important to take user feedback and be careful not to overload devices with features that are half-baked - so I'll be optimisitic that the Sampler and Looper features will continue to evolve :)

There are some pretty key limitations in the Sampler and Looper features - and while it is a GREAT signal of improvements to come, this first version is not something I'll end up getting much use from.

Key limitations of Sampler and Looper:

Here is the TX-6 Firmware 1.2.12 update video: