Teenage Engineering K.O. II - EP133

Learn some of the QUIRKS that I've discovered so you can be more productive making music on the EP-133 KO II. 

If you're frustrated by the unpredictable numbering of patterns as you commit scenes - watch this!

This is a Track I made purely on the EP-133 KO II

I set out to make that "Quirks" video and got so inspired while creating example patterns that I just kept composing - and ended up with this track :)

Make A Song From An Empty Project - PART I

4 1/2 ways to LOAD SOUNDS into a completely Empty Project - including:


Using the SAMPLE TOOL app provided by Teenage Engineering

Make A Song From An Empty Project - PART II

Recording Patterns, Committing Scenes and Performing a Song with effects - including loads of tips along the way...

UNDERSTANDING the KO2 EP133 - Projects, Scenes, Groups, Patterns & Sounds

Make a beat from scratch, while learning how to load sounds, make patterns and use SCENE COMMIT

SCENES on the K.O. II - EP-133 - deep dive plus more tips!

This video also contains a description for how to copy WHOLE GROUPS OF SOUNDS from one project to another...

CheatSheet - Structure of Content on the EP-133 - KO II